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Educating children through Islamic teachings is compulsory for every Muslim. Introducing them to Islamic basic tenets at an early age will provide a significant impact in their lives, make the children become familiar with Islam and adhere to universal moral values. Beliefs combined with knowledge and understanding are the best traits for our children to grow strong with confidence mentally and spiritually.

Thus, Muslim Smart (MS) is here to help parents who want to instill in their kids with Islamic beliefs and values. It is a non-formal educational institution providing religious tutorial services in your own home. Not only do we focus on the main teachings like aqeedah, fiqh, muamalat, al-Quran, tajweed, tahfidz, tahsinul kitabah, tafsir, philosophy and sufism, we also give the utmost attention to provide qualified tutors with modern teaching methodology; using interesting media and creative teaching methods. We focus on the method of teaching to create a fun environment and interesting learning process.


1. Islamic Studies Course
This program is aimed at educating and nurturing our children to understand and practise a comprehensive religious knowledge. The basic material is integrated with the Madrasah Diniyah curriculum, which includes aqeedah, al-Quran recitation and basic guidance for prayers. We also give the supporting materials such as akhlaq, sunnah prayers, memorizing short surahs, exemplary stories of the prophets and basic religious jurisprudence or fiqh. Our Tutors are all qualified to deliver in either Indonesian or English languages.

2. Prayer Guidance
The program is specifically to make our children understand the details of prayers; its physical, philosophical and spiritual meanings, and all other aspects. It will provide a complete guidance for shalat as taught by our Prophet Muhammad PHUH.  The subjects include other teachings related with shalat, such as wudhu, tayammum, azan, iqamah, duaa, dhikr, shalat musafir (when travelling), shalat for a sick person, and many others.

Besides mandatory shalat (5 times daily, Friday, Janazah), we will also impart on how to do the recommended (sunnah), such as, sunnah rawatib, dhuha, hajat, taubah, tahajjud salat, tahiyyatul masjid, istikhara, tasbih, tarawih, witir salat, shalat on eid, istisqa’, and shalat during the eclipse. It is expected to increase the ability in our children their firm beliefs and focus on performing the shalat as the second pillar of Islam.

3. After School/Summer School
The program is tailored to take advantage of the school holidays with a variety of educational and fun activities for the children. The themes of programs will be adapted to the needs of students in the school. The goal is for the students to have a good religious background and knowledge and be able to apply good attitude or akhlak. The program includes Qur’anic motivations, basic al-Qur’an recitations and shalat, leadership, and outbound.
4. Smart with Ramadhan 

a. Fun and Happy Sanlat (Pesantren Kilat)
This program is a special religious class during the holy month. Sanlat materials are Islamic basic knowledge combined with other activities such as arts and crafts, games, simulations of Islamic rituals, performances, music and dramas. In addition, besides organizing Sanlat independently, we have also set up a team that can combine and work with any schools to arrange the Sanlat.

b. Tarawih at Home
For a family that is unable to attend the Tarawih at a mosque, we are able to make available an Imam to lead the prayers in your residence. You can, at the same time, take this opportunity to have open discussions about Islam with our Imam after or before prayers. Our Imams are well-qualified, especially for their excellent murattal memorization and recitation.

5. Tahsin Qur’an
This program aims to add beauty in the recitation of al-Quran according to tajweed with rhythms. The course covers all the main areas of tajweed and maqamat (especially muratttal or tartil).

6. Muallaf Guidance
This program is also designed for adults who embrace Islam. We will provide guidance in fundamental beliefs and practices, such as tawhid, fiqh ibadah and muamalah, and Islamic moral values.

Payment Procedure:
The tuition fee will be in accordance with the distance between student’s and teacher’s homes. The tuition fees are to be transferred by the end of the 4th meeting to BCA: 2910464798, Fikriyah.

* For siblings and groups, we offer a discount from the total fee.

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